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MyKid's goal is simple

We want to help you give more of your time to the children by making the daily routine at the day-care, school and home easier.

The authorities also set requirements for a good information flow that MyKid handles nicely:
«Good information flow between family and day-care/ASA/school is important for both the children,
the parents and the day-care/ASA/school’s daily operation. It is first and foremost the daily dialogue
between parents and day-care/ASA/schools that contributes to good quality services for every individual child.”
NOR 2012: Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research

MyKid strives to be the only, the best, and the easiest communication tool in your day-care/ASA/school!
The day-care/ASA/school gets ONE arena for information sharing, instead of several different ones (bulletin board, shelf post,
door, walls, e-mail etc.). Guardians get information quickly and can take a look at it any time they want on their mobile phones!


guardians who have a little more time than others...


employees get more time for the children every day...

Our prices

  • Prices
  • Licence MyKid
    500 nok/month

  • Licence MyKid per child
    15 nok/month
  • Optional
  • MyKid Arkiv
    100 nok/month

  • MyKid-Backstage
    200 nok/month

  • MyKidWeb
    500 nok/month

  • MyKid Administration Tool
    Contact us

  • MyKid API
    Contact us

One-time initial cost is NOK 3,000 and the price per SMS: 0,58 nok. All prices excl. VAT.
Development and adaptation of API by own agreement.
Contact us for more information about MyKid-OAS and MyKid-Archive.