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MyKid Backstage gives you the opportunity to communicate in a smooth and efficient way using features such as post publishing, digital annual plan, course and activity calendar, RSVPs and newsletter.

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A smarter management tool

Authorized employees in your chain, municipality, and / or unit receive relevant statistics, a smart calendar for managing activities, courses and tasks, the opportunity to manage resources and access, as well as the opportunity to send out and publish information and news to the desired extent.

A clear statistics overview

With MyKid Backstage, the statistics on absence, logins, permissions, bringing and picking up children, visits and SMS consumption are much more straightforward and easy to either store as excel/pdf file or print. Status today shows the statistics related to visits, employee absence, child absence and use of substitute teachers/assistants day by day.


Administration Tool

Our upbringing administration system is simple and user-friendly, developed to give kindergarten, school and SFO flexibility and more time for the children. By using OAS developed by MyKid, you get an intuitive and customized solution for everything from recording to ending. We listen to our users, and have developed the system based on real needs.