What can we help you with?

- Go to mykid.no/en/login or download the app (for guardians)

- Click on the "Missing password?" link

- Enter mobile number

- Click "Send password"

- Click "Back to login"

- Enter the password you received to your mobile phone

- Click "Login".

Your mobile phone number is not registered in MyKid and/or the day-care has not yet opened the system for login. Contact your day-care to get access.

Please check that the correct mobile phone number is registered for the employee/guardian who is unable to log in.

If this is in order, please check the following:

For employees - that the "allow login" box is ticked on the employee's info-card under "Employees".

For guardians - that the "allow login for parents" box is ticked under "Kindergarten" and settings for the kindergarten.

It is always the latest uploaded and tagged image that is displayed on the bulletin board. Remember that guardians see the latest uploaded image that their child is tagged in.

Bulletin board sections come up automatically.

The content of the "sticky bulletin board post" section is chosen by the day-care/employees themselves. If the "bulletin board sticky post" box is ticked when a new newsletter is created, the newsletter appears in that section.

- Go to the "Email/SMS" tab

- Click on "Email signatures" in the left column

- If new sender: select "New mail sender" at the top of the right column

- If change: select the appropriate email address at the top of the right column, make changes and save.

The most common reason is that the child/children in question weren’t tagged in the images. For privacy reasons, only guardians of children who are tagged in an image can see the image. If guardians do not allow images, it is not possible to tag a child. NB! If a child whose images are not allowed is depicted in the image in question, the image must be deleted.

In order for the kindergarten to be able to register the desired time on the attendance list, the time picker must be switched on. Find "use time picker" in the upper left corner of the "Attendance list". If there is no green dot in the gray circle, click once on the circle, and the dot will come up. To turn it off again, click on it one more time.

This depends:

- If the "employees only" box was ticked when creating the activity, the activity is marked red and is only visible to employees.

- If the "only employees" box wasn’t ticked, the activity is visible to certain guardians depending on whether the calendar is related to "the entire day-care", a group, a cross-group or to "selected children only".

The newsletter has most likely been deleted by a staff member. In that case it remains unavailable to all employees.

Please contact us if you need to restore the newsletter.

This is done by finding the employee's employee-card in the "Administration" tab under "Employees", and ticking the "show in roster" box. The employee will then comes up in the roster of the group listed on top of their employee card. If the employee is to be visible in multiple groups’ rosters, click on the calendar icon on the employee card, and select the additional groups the employee should be available in.

To remove an employee from the roster, deselect the "show in roster" box.

On the bulletin board, in the "News from MyKid" section, located to the right of the board..

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