Our products


MyKid easily collects and distributes all information between day-care and guardians. Communication and information through ONE channel only.

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MyKid School is a brand new solution with emphasis on attendance lists, messages and communication with the guardians.

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MyKid Backstage gives you the opportunity to communicate in a smooth and efficient way by using its smart features.

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GDPR - Samtykke

Collect consent in accordance with GDPR easily, smoothly and digitally via MyKid. Please contact us for more information.

New Parents communication

Does your day-care need to collect certain information about the children from their parents before they start? We have a solution!

MyKid Video & Foto

Use photos and video to share everyday moments from the day-care with parents in an easy and secure way.

Home page

Do you need a home page for your kindergarten? Please take a look at http://demobarnehage.no

Digital annual plan / User surveys

As part of our additional product MyKid Backstage, we offer the possibility to create and publish digital annual plans.

Statistics / Reports

Both MyKid and MyKid Backstage give an overview of various statistics related to children and employees.

Native App for users

With our app for guardians, communication becomes incredibly easy. The App for Employees contains the important functions for overall control.

Real-time reports acc. new staffing standard

Real-time report acc. new staffing standard is a part of our additional product MyKid Backstage.


We have several APIs for secure 2-way data exchange. MyKid can also serve as master data for employees/guardians. Our APIs are continuously developed further to ensure efficiency.